Our Products

Communications Tools

For workers on construction sites or security guards in buildings.

Video Surveillance Tools

We provide and install cameras for security in your house.

Incendiary Alarm Tools

We have equipment that trigger alamrs when fire/smoke is detected.

Intrusion Alarm Tools

Equipment that trigger alarms when intrusion is detected.

Electric Fencing

We guarantee safety with eletric fencing installation.

Access Control

Access to home/office by passcode entry via keypad.


We sell quality and reliable radio/TV signal transmitters


We sell reliable and good quality cables.


Control your home from anywhere in the world with the two-way wireless control panel & HomeControl+ App

Euro Mini Prox

Entry level wired control panel for domestic properties

PCX 162i

Large security system hybrid control panel with up to 162 inputs

Inspection Mirrors

Round Telescoping Mirror, Shape Circular, Inspection Mirror

PCX 46

Hybrid control panel with 8 expandable to 46 inputs


Control your home from anywhere in the world with the PCX Hybrid control panel & HomeControl+